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“I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.” ~Audre Lorde~

Brasileira’s in the Media: “Wash[tch]ing Sexuality” September 13, 2008

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4 Responses to “Brasileira’s in the Media: “Wash[tch]ing Sexuality””

  1. manjioca Says:

    The Fetishism of Brasilian women Kills me, it kills my future daughters, it kills my consciousness, it is antithetical to my work and what i WANT to represent here in the U.S. as a Afro-Brasilian-American. “Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand” My pinche name is not “Rio” dont LABEL me as that, dont LABEL ME as an EXOTIC BODY, there is no “ENCHANTMENT” to unleash when you land on Brasil, unless you are ready and will to unleash your heart/eyes to the poverty and violence that permeates everyday life, unless you are ready to unleash yourself from your comfort zone and go to the Zone Norte where I am from and see how the youth there are killed everyday, annihilated because they are seen as “dispensable” social truents. Have you ever heard of the “enchantment” of hte “candelaria massacre”? The Candelária massacre was an event in Rio de Janeiro, beside the Candelária Church, on the night of July 23, 1993. In that night, eight young people were killed by a group of men, several of them members of the police. The men were tried for the killings, but only two of them were convicted…. instead of trying to look at the beauty of Brasil, which there are many, lets de-exoticize it and confront the issues face to face, lets make commercials about those children who wash your cars @ the stop light for small change, but you dont see them because they are invisible, lets see the teenage sex workers who are exploited by tourists coming to OUR LAND in search of that “Rio” lady who will perpetually dance on the sand. As for me, im dancing to the rhythm of revolution…..

  2. OYA Says:

    Hey!! For all you white women out there, you can be exotic too!! it’s only a wash away. And the good thing about is that you can wash it right off and step right back into your privelege.

  3. Weldon Krogh Says:

    Anyway, you have a fascinating perspective on this this particular topic. I’d love it if you updated this blog regularly! By the way, can your readers to send in questions they want to personally ask you about? Right now I have a specific question on this topic because I am going through a tricky situation with a girl I like and I’m just not sure how to proceed. I’d love to get your input…or perhaps someone can recommend a book that I ought to check out?

    • manjioca Says:

      dear reader: thank you! I’ve been busily writing away in my PhD program so its taken up some of my time- but your comment has inspired me to revisit this site for those who actually are following, i appreciate your feedback! if you’d like to email me what your concerns are please email me –

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