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“I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.” ~Audre Lorde~

The Fast for our Future by Damaris Palmer October 19, 2008

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Today, 21 days before the election a a group of over 100 people are congregating in La Placita Olvera (or Olvera Street Plaza), the historical heart of Los Angeles to begin the largest hunger strike in American history.

I have signed a pledge and today I will fast for the purpose of supporting immigrants’ rights. I will fast because I care deeply for the rights of those who pick my food. I will fast because I am an immigrant in this country and at one point I too was an “illegal” and had the support of citizens and residents fighting for my cause.

I know we may not share similar values but I ask you to understand what this historical hunger strike is all about. As you prepare to vote in 21 days please learn a little bit more about immigrants who live in this country and the struggle they go through. You may be a strong advocate for militarizing the boarder. You may hold the opinion that illegals don’t belong here. However, please learn about the repercussions of deportation and what it means when parents are deported and their U.S born children are left behind and put in the foster care system. PLEASE learn about this issue and think of it as a human rights issue not an “illegal alien” issue.

In a blog where I strive to take good food photography and make you hungry so that you’ll keep coming back for more recipes I ask you to take a break from eating and participate in this event. If even for just one day you are willing to fast so that we can meet our goal of reaching 1,000,000 people before the elections we will have succeeded To sign a pledge go HERE

Please share this information on your own blogs and with your friends and family.

xoxo, Damaris


The Fast for our Futuro!

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What desire, anxiety, hope and love do you feel towards fellow members of your oppressed group? October 8, 2008

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…as i look at your questions there is so much that floods my mind, desire/deseo/desejo that comes through in the form of longing…longing…to be with a like-minded soul that has an understanding that oppression is not hierarchical, that as a feminist AfroBrasilian there is much that i carry on my back, sometimes i wish i could share the weight with other AfroBrasileiras but they are non-existent where i live, or at least those that do exist dont have that “endarkend”(collins) understanding of that weight we want to share… as a woman leaving an institutionalized religion weaving her ancestral past to make a new path, i seek knowledge in those hidden places, in the silences that are so loud. I wish that i could go back home to Brasil and scream it all out, make those women come down from their Carnaval floats and clothe their nakes bodies/corpos/cuerpos with this knowledge that i feel i must share…but then again, it is a privilege to even gain this knowledge…i sometimes fear being irrelevant to my people, i fear being too far off on my end where they can no longer understand…to speak is also to struggle. minha mae/my mother likes to tell me that i THINK too much for my own good, that it keeps me from being simple, and enjoying the simple things in life, because i analyse…. criticize… exorcise .. to speak is also to silence. to speak of politics with the conservative women in my family is to speak my “heretical” views … …but i am not ashamed, because i find those corners inside myself to speak of liberation/liberacao/liberacion….and then to speak will finally mean to “free”


Blank Canvas October 2, 2008

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Epiphanies keep circling my mind
intertwined are images of what could be, if i were just to
sit down and paint it all out, for some sort of
i fear seeing the truth on that blank canvas tonight.

it is where my dreams come true
in all different hues.
can i with these images manifest my soul
into dancing outside of me, and reaching out for everyone to see?

fear being the opposite of Faith,
Faith being eclectic in its destination
comes differently to you and me
if we look @ that blank canvas and see differing things

positionality has left us standing on
margins and centers
epistemology has left you
scratching your head
and us trying to understand
hegemony has crucified my theoretical Christ
Heuristics have raped me of my privacy
for exotic curiosities
etymology has left us scrambling for
or just plain meals.

I cannot picture that blankcanvas whole
because there are so many parts
that keep viajando vagando
like me, gypsy.

but i am not afraid of taking
that heuristic and tying it into
a seed, placing my hands inside my mother
earth for (re)birth…

nao tenho medo do dia, that envelops me with hegemony
when my words and thoughts are often misunderstood.

but we cannot refute that blank canvas waiting on the wall

or maybe there is no canvas at all.


Tua Pele, Cor de Mel… October 1, 2008

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Cor de Mel…

Alimentando a minha alma,
derretendo palavras na minha boca…
voce meu bem eres mel,
Cor de mel, olhos de mel com um aroma

Sinto-me uma abelha vagando de flor a flor…
Mais o Seu Doce, meu bem, nao existe re-compor,
Pois me deixa famita por o nosso proximo encontro
aonde de abelha a flor…
sugarei sua sabedoria
entrelazando na minha escrivania
este corpo “pecador”

Chegaste na minha telha
Provaste da minha lingua imaginaria
Seu olhar,
o meu desejo
Mais Hoje ja no espelho eu me enxergo
Outra Flor,
uma com um Mel Mais Doce
que o Seu mel…
o Sedutor…

Pois na minha alma existe algo
que O-deixa com louvor!
pregando palavras indigenas
Sobre um amor sem definicao
Refletindo Eupohoria

Em Seus Olhos cor de Mel
Olho-me em ti,

E te escrevo neste papel.